About Us

Every week we see thousands of people walk through the doors of Victory Church or join us online. We recognize that each person will have a unique experience and will encounter the church and the Lord differently. The goal is to create a welcoming and expectant environment the second someone walks through the doors or logs in. As a Production Team, we have the honor to play a role in creating that environment.

We strive to create a setting for people to experience God, community, and fellowship. Our vision is to aid in the creation of an atmosphere that recognizes the Holy Spirit, that allows people to worship, pray, and express themselves without fear, that eliminates distractions, and that creates a desire to return. Our goal is to do this with the utmost excellence. Excellence is a word you will hear used quite often in the production department. This is because we take the responsibility of creating an atmosphere to experience the Lord seriously.

While we carry ourselves with excellence and acknowledge the responsibility, we also have a lot of fun! We believe God is a creative God, therefore his creation is also creative. Serving in production allows us the opportunity to worship God through our creativity and skillset, therefore also allowing us to express ourselves. We love to see people using their gifts and creativity to glorify God!

Our Team

Nathan Williams

Central Technical Director

Crystal Hill

Central Service Producer

Jessica Purintun

Norcross Technical Director

Austin Fox-Welter

Norcross Stage and Lighting Director

Andrew Lefler

Norcross Live Video Technical Director

Lane Havel

Norcross Systems Director

Marcela Clark

Norcross Chapel Coordinator

Sydney Zuehlke

Norcross Production Administrative Assistant

Ozzy Castellanos

Hamilton Mill Technical Director

Adam Alday

Midtown Technical Director