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The Video Team, also known as IMAG (Image Magnification), is comprised of a Director, Assistant Director, Technical Director, Shader, Camera Operators and Computer Graphics who provide the live video elements seen in the main auditorium. Their work is projected in the main auditorium, broadcasted on closed-circuit feeds throughout the building, online, and at times to other campuses.

The video team consists of the following positions:
  • Director [Staff Position] – Leads the video team to deliver content to the switcher and ultimately determines what the audience sees on the screens.
  • Assistant Director (AD) – Assist the Director by following a music cue sheet and giving the cues to the Director.
  • Technical Director (TD/Switcher) – Operates the video switcher located in the Control Room. The TD is the hands for the Director during the entire service. He/she listens to what the Director is calling out and acts accordingly.
  • Shader – Operates the Camera Control Units (CCU) for each Studio Camera to maintain the correct level of exposure/iris level for each Studio Camera.
  • Studio Camera – Operates the cameras on tripods in the back of the auditorium during the service. Currently there are three studio cameras.
  • Mobile Camera – Operates the hand held cameras on stage during music only. Currently there are two mobile cameras.
  • CG (Computer Graphics) – Operates lyrics, lower third graphics and any other slides necessary for the service.


The Audio Team assists the speaker, musicians, and talent by providing the highest quality audio to the congregation. The goal of this team is to be invisible – allowing those attending our services to experience the best environment possible. This team requires the attendance of band rehearsal on Saturday afternoons prior to the production rehearsal as well.

The audio team consists of the following positions:
  • Front of House Audio Engineer (A1) [Staff Position] – Main console operator. Mixes band, videos, and communicator for the Auditorium.
  • Monitor Engineer (M1) [Staff Position] – Sets mix for all In Ear Monitors for the band during rehearsals and services.
  • Monitor Engineer Assistant (M2) – Assist in sound check with band and M1. Checks all inputs and outputs on patch bays. Replaces batteries and readies communicators mic. And helps band with any needs that may arise.
  • Broadcast Audio [Staff Position] – Broadcast console operator. Mixes band, videos, and communicator for the web stream, multi-site campuses, on-site hallways, multipurpose rooms, recordings, etc.


The Lighting Team creates the visual environment that lights both the stage and auditorium. Their main goal is to create an atmosphere to help focus the attention of our attenders.

The Lighting team consists of the following positions:
  • Lighting Director [Staff Position] – Programs and operates the lighting console for each weekend worship experience.
  • Lighting Assistant – Assist the Lighting Engineer during the weekend worship experiences with operating the console during each experience and/or assisting with maintenance and onsite repairs.

Stage Direction

The Stage Team directs the flow of people and equipment for the service. They also police traffic near the stage and manage the equipment behind the stage. They focus on creating the environment, removing distractions, enhancing visual communication and supporting the communicator.

The Stage Team consists of the following positions:
  • Producer [Staff Position] – Leads the entire production team in cues and ultimately is responsible for the overall look and feel of the morning.
  • Producer Assistant [Staff Position] – Assist Producer in communication with the team.
  • Stage Manager – Manages everything that happens backstage. Moves stage props on and off stage.
  • Stagehands – Assist Stage Manager in helping the movement backstage and on stage.
  • Teleprompter [Staff Position] – Operates the teleprompter software used during the sermon, welcome, and announcement segments.


Do I have to serve all services on my scheduled Saturday/Sunday?

Because of the artistic and technical nature of what we do, we require each volunteer to serve one rehearsal and each service on their scheduled day.  We do have opportunities with Production that require less time commitment than serving for the weekend experience, such as Fusion, The Capital & The City.

Do I have to serve every 2 or 3 weeks?

Most of our volunteers are asked to be available to serve every three weeks, with exceptions such as work, sickness or vacation. If your schedule does not allow for the 3-week rotation, we may be able to schedule you as a substitute when a volunteer is unable to serve on their scheduled week. We feel that serving too infrequently does not allow one to keep up with the level of excellence we try to maintain.

Is being in a Small Group required to serve on the Production Team?

We highly encourage finding a small group to join, but do not require it. We can assist in finding a small group if that is your next step.

If I still have questions about who Jesus Christ is does that mean I cannot serve on the Team?

No, we welcome you to serve on our team. Although there will be certain key leadership roles that you will be unable to serve in (ie: Director & Lead positions). We hope you will find answers by finding community with fellow team members each week. We value discovery at Victory, and we have seen volunteers discover Jesus as their Savior.

How long do I have to commit to a position?

We ask that you commit to serving six months within one position. As that year comes to a close, if you desire to try something new that is great. Just inform us when that desire comes and we will begin to move you to a new position.